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A variety of fantastic sex podcasts and why you should be listening to them.
Episode 4 of Loving BDSM is hosted by John Brownstone and he discusses how he discovered BDSM and became the Dominant he is today.
In the second episode of Loving BDSM, a new podcast, Kayla discusses effectively communicating with your Dominant and ways to get around the nervousness a submissive might feel.
two women discuss the question "why do we demonize men for being honest about their sexual needs?" also discussing their views & opinions on society's views on sex. Just taking about sex in general.
I was given an article to read. “Why do we demonize men who are honest about their sexual needs?” Keep in mind that I gave my opinion on “creepy men” along with attempting to answer the question.
Episode 7 of the strap-on pleasure podcast. Real strap-on sex vs what you see in porn videos, cock confidence, and more on this weeks episode
Join Lori for Episode 6 of the Strap-on Pleasure Podcast. Why I love my cock so much, embracing my strap-on and anal cleanliness
Strap-on Pleasure Podcast Episode 5, advice on safe toys to use for anal stimulation. Also tips and ticks on how to make a strap-on blowjob seem more real.
Strap-on Pleasure Podcast Fun Positions and toys to make your man feel great
Sangsara from the Sexuality Sanctuary joins us this week to share her experiences with strap-on sex