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Last weekend I turned fifty and my birthday ended in a way I could not have imagined in a million dreams that it would. It was wonderful!
This image works very well because of the sunny shadows decorating my pussy and legs. Now sharing it for the weekly meme, Sinful Sunday.
Twinkle is what my little star did as I pushed a dildo deeper into me. I could hear my piercing rings tinkle against the glass.
Back in November 2015 we were in a hotel, where I lay on the couch and masturbated. It always feels good loving myself in this way.
I'm talking about match-fixing, but a different kind than you might be thinking about.
An image showing me fucking my pussy with a glass dildo, because I was aroused.
I had some trouble with my piercings again and had to go back to the piercing shop to have it solved.
V is for vanilla, whether it's the real thing or a vanilla lifestyle.
Religion is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about, and something I avoid at all times.
Slippery when wet always has a double meaning, doesn't it?