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Wonderfully scented and free of toxins, the Blackberry Vanilla Musk is a yummy treat for the senses!
I've never had a Babeland massage product that I haven't liked, and the Rice Flower Babeland Massage Candle is no different. Scented with the Chinese Perfume Plant and made from soy wax with rich shea butter, this massage candle is divine!
FOU is the newest addition to Fun Factory's Free Vibes sex toy line. It's rechargeable, waterproof, and that little divot is for cradling various erogenous zones (the lips can be pinched to provide a different sensation). Check out my review to see what I thought of it!
Tenga has come out with a cute heart design for their stretchy little egg-shaped masturbation sleeves, and hubby and I got to try one out! vagina may have tried to eat it...
One of the biggest silicone dildos I've ever reviewed. It's about as thick as a soda can, and about as tall as two of them. Check it out!