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I shot this self portrait at Hippie Hollow with my point and shoot waterproof digital camera set up on a gorilla pod attached to a tree using a 10 sec. self timer...
Sinful Sunday and I am showing off some bite marks.
Image for Boob Day.
Revisiting the Bettie Page look.
Photo for the Sinful Sunday prompt "vintage". I went for the Bettie Page look.
Photograph for Boob Day.
A Sinful Sunday Image
Last week I attended the amazing Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit (I’m planning on writing a post about it so stay tuned!), and while I was there, I shot this self portrait in Bex‘s shiny new Njoy Eleven...
I captured this photo of my Njoy Pure Plug (stay tuned for my review!) yesterday at Hippie Hollow with my Galaxy s4.
This month’s Sinful Sunday prompt is vintage/retro, and right away I thought of this image that I shot a couple of years ago and have been holding on to. It’s a self portrait of me playing with an old film camera (taken with a DSLR and edited in a retro style.)