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Photo critiques for Be a Sex Blogger Class, V-day sale in my Etsy shop, FebPhotoFest again--read more about the latest on my blog!
A christmas Sinful Sunday image
I’ve been a bit behind with posting lately, but the good news is I took a lot of self portraits for the photography class I was in this semester.
Good news, y’all–if you’ve been coveting my sex toy photo coasters, get some NOW–they’re 25% off!
You’d never guess from the photos that it was technically a “nude” shoot…or knowing us, you might...
While I was photographing Ninja’s collection, I also captured this self portrait holding the biggest dildo she brought to Woodhull...
Today is my 4 Year Blogiversary y’all, and to celebrate I’m hosting a sex toy goodies giveaway & sale!
Showing off my ass in my little black dress.
An image submitted for Boob Day.
Photography: Showing you how I do the Tango.