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Sexual expression by images is as old as art and now with digital photography we can all share our sexuality in a visual way on the internet. Erotic images and explicit photographs can be enjoyed courtesy of the members who have published their work below

A Sinful Sunday entry for the prompt red. Facing away from the camera in red lace lingerie.
A Sinful Sunday entry of me drawing in my underwear.
I am not really a closet girl, as I don't mind people knowing about my sexual activities and preferences. But, here I am in the closet.
I am using my legs as scissors, sort of, but just learned that scissoring is actually a sexual act I have engaged in before!
There is just something about the colors black and red that make them belong together. They definitely are my two favorite colors!
An appropriate quote: You believe happiness to be derived from the place in which once you have been happy, but in truth it is centered in ourselves.
This week for Sinful Sunday my image portrays exposure in more way than one. Some of those are seen, others remain hidden.
When it's bedtime, I tend to get naked before I slip under the covers. Sometimes it's too hot to stay under and then Master T finds me like this.
Convergent means 'coming closer together' and I guess this is as close together as my legs can come. I love this overexposed edit.
"Oh, I saw the full moon," the lady at the bar said when I accidentally showed her the 'wrong' photo. I tend to put myself in such spots...