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Sexual expression by images is as old as art and now with digital photography we can all share our sexuality in a visual way on the internet. Erotic images and explicit photographs can be enjoyed courtesy of the members who have published their work below

Yesterday I blogged about my breasts. Today I blogged about another favorite part of my body: my clitoris. It brings me so much pleasure!
A Sunday morning is always quite lazy and relaxed and sometimes there might even be quite a sexy start to the rest of the day.
I had to buckle up, but that meant when I flashed my nipple in the car, I was definitely doing it in a safe way. Did I distract anyone?
Being out in nature can be so peaceful. Listening to the sounds of nature around you, even the sound of the silence is soothing.
Identity, an Eroticon anthology, is the latest book I have been published in and I am following an example to showcase this book.
Not only are there spots of wax on my body, but there are also natural spots decorating my skin in many places, making me who I am.
Last weekend I turned fifty and my birthday ended in a way I could not have imagined in a million dreams that it would. It was wonderful!
There's something about spikes on a high-heeled shoe that makes it sturdy, but combining it with rose petals seems to soften it some.
I took an image from a series which showed marks after an intense session. I changed it to a black and white image and love the result.
That day I had to count my orgasms and to keep count, I used pencil and paper. When I added up all the numbers, I came to a total of eighty!