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Sexual expression by images is as old as art and now with digital photography we can all share our sexuality in a visual way on the internet. Erotic images and explicit photographs can be enjoyed courtesy of the members who have published their work below

Master T made some images of me while he stood over me. This is one of those images and I just love the view of my body, as well as this new edit.
I have re-edited a previous image for today's February Photofest and I just love the red blush in this edit. My pussy looks so good!
I love photographing my nipples and playing around with different edits to make my nipples really look good in the image. I think I succeeded with this one.
There is something really magical about seeing the blood on my bottom when the vampire gloves were used, or the vampire paddle.
I edited this image to focus on my body. One thing I have learned through my blog is to be positive about my body, but I don't always succeed in it.
I have reached my first thousand quite some time ago and am heading for my second, but I hope for thousands of posts more on this blog!
I really love this old photo, which is really old as it is had been taken back in the year 2000. I love that I still have some of the old ones!
Sometimes a silly kiss during a serious moment is just what you need to make the moment a beautiful memory for later in life.
I love this series of photos where we used fake red rose petals to decorate my body. Master T has really outdone himself with these images!
Break a leg is something I hope never happens to me, because showing off my legs is something I really like to do, like in this image.