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Sexual expression by images is as old as art and now with digital photography we can all share our sexuality in a visual way on the internet. Erotic images and explicit photographs can be enjoyed courtesy of the members who have published their work below

I am a lover of fishnets. I love how it makes me feel, how the fabric of fishnet clings to my body and despite the holes, makes me feel warm.
We so easily think of ourselves as imperfect, but being imperfect makes us unique and special and totally perfect in our imperfection!
#SinfulSunday - Week 365
#SinfulSunday Week 364
Keeping myself on the edge, on the brink of an orgasm during a masturbation session, is what I love about edging, as well as the reward!
It's Sunday and even though I look like a lazy bum on this image, I am quite busy running around with my camera somewhere in the city!
#SinfulSunday - Week 363
In photography the 'rule of thirds' is important when composing an image. I tend to put my subject right in the middle, but that's not how it should be done.
Showing my best side for #ArseWednesday
Negative space surrounds my body, but I am ending this series of self photographs on a positive note, accepting my body as it is.