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So you would like to host a swinger party at your house. A number of things you need to decide: - Invite only people you know? - Invite people you know, but perhaps allow them to invite another couple? - How many couples do you want to invite? - Invite people you don't know? - Do you have areas in the house appropriate for play? Do you need to purchase blow up mattresses, sheets, etc.? - Are there areas in your house you don't want people in (typically closed doors take care of that)? - Are you going to ask guests to bring a snack to share? Are you serving food? - Do you have accommodations (bed/air mattress/sheets/pillow) for some people to stay over if needed?
Our 3rd Annual Halloween Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater! Hosted by Doc!
Just Announced! The Huge Halloween party at The Art Cinema in Hartford - Ghouls Night Out!
All the details on the huge Back to School Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford!
Itís a naughty little tale of how Jake found himself becoming a naked waiter. I think youíll like itÖ
Westwood Private Members Only Club in Toledo
Announcing a new kinky play party that I will be hosting at the Vanilla Alternative swingers club.
Details on the NYE Party at The Westwood in Toledo.
Next big event at The Westwood Private Club in Toledo
Open doors where not doors had been before