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For years I shied away from having anal sex, telling myself that it was too painful and that it wasn't for me. Then I did something about it...
"The sweetest smile hides such cruel intentions." Each morning, a submissive boy endures an intimate ritual of pain, lust, and humiliation. A ritual which serves to both mark and remind the submissive he's collared and owned by his Domme.
if you like medical play...
I think it's beautiful when a sub/slave can push her boundaries, but I also think that she needs to be exposed to pain regularly to be able to do that.
After some questions I have decided to write a reflection post on the first date that we had with The Talker. I might write about this 'new' kink some more.
In this last part of our first date with the talker you read more about anal play, bondage, me being fucked and swallowing twice in less than five minutes.
Date night can take your relationship to a more intense level. Its all about taking time out to spend with each other and exploring your sexual desires, no matter what they are! Giving the person you love your time and attention is the most worthwhile gift to give.
Spontaneous sexual frolics on a deserted beach. Holiday /fun
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The P is for Pain, Paddle and also for Punishment.
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The M is for Masochism, Master, Marks and Medical Play.