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A true life spanking vignette. Abby and Mr. W go on a mini vacation and have a chance to rediscover their passion for spanking and each other.
In the few months we’d been hanging out together, I’d come to notice he couldn’t resist a challenge. He set his phone down next to mine, flashlight turned upwards. Between the light from the phones, the half-window at the front of the basement, and the open doors at the back, we could see each other well enough. “If you’re not going to turn around yourself,” he began. I squealed as he took me firmly by the shoulder and turned me around and then pushed me down so that I was bent over before him. I could tell that the hem of my dress had ridden well above the line of decency.
A sensual Saturday night paddling is recalled the following morning.
My post about my Birthday Spankings that took place on Monday 29th July 2013. Includes loads of photographs of each spanking stage for you to enjoy!
An account of author Sadey Quinn's first time getting spanked. Awkward, funny, and sexy-- she gets punished.
An excerpt from Sadey Quinn's debut novel, Under Order. In this chapter, Heather is dressed like a whore and submits to a humiliating punishment.