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A true life spanking vignette. Abby and Mr. W go on a mini vacation and have a chance to rediscover their passion for spanking and each other.
My post about my Birthday Spankings that took place on Monday 29th July 2013. Includes loads of photographs of each spanking stage for you to enjoy!
With every strike--I lost count--I could feel his weight shift, feel the blows shake my thighs and vibrate all the way to up into my cunt. I grew hopelessly wet, hitting him harder and harder, eventually I struck him for nothing more than the jolt it supplied to my cunt. At some point, he morphed from being human into some sort of object-obstacle standing between my hand and my clit, all at once providing stimulation while being equally annoying and in the way. I tried to beat through him to get to me.
Otk spanking that last for two hours and takes on several styles and emotions.
"...'pain' was a welcome journey into pure eroticism." Woman gets her first belt spanking and loves it.