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Oral sex is one of the most enjoyable and sensual things sexual partners can indulge in. It provides a complete sensory experience for those involved, immersing them in an erotic cocoon where all of their senses are stimulated.

oral sex can be an expression of tender love, passionate desire or domination and submission. It forms part of most peoples sexual repertoire and is almost universally enjoyed, both as a spectacle and by those taking part. Go on, oral sex, you know you want to. So read on!

What can I say about the amazing Khaleesi and her sergeant at arms, Khal? The Mother of All Squirters is a first ballot 2016 all-star, and this brand new set of pics from them illustrate just how hot Khaleesi is in theater-wear. I hope the outfits are LJR (Lady Juice Repellent).
The hottest and naughtiest girls that visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater.
Happy St. Patty's Day from StuntSlut Simone (w/PIC)
2nd time contributor Rick in Seattle saw that one f the legends of the Seattle adult theater scene, Gemini, was going to stop by The Paris Theatre in Portland for a visit last weekend, and he decided to meat meet her. And did he ever.
Doc here with a solid Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors The Right to the Point Couple. Here we go...
It's opening weekend of the NCAA college basketball tournament, and my bracket in the Yahoo Journal of Adult Theaters tourney just plain sucks out loud. The upsets in this first round have killed me. So, in the spirit of my sucky bracket, I will attempt to heal those wounds with a selection of some of the hottest suck-related images from The Good Doctor's archive of real, user submitted pics. Nothing posted on The Journal is lifted from another source. Images here are 100% fresh squeezed.
enior Journal scribe TruknDave is back with Part 2 of "TruknDave Takes a Spa Day" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. TD hits paydirt with his return later in the evening to 15th Ave, and it's a hot and sweaty tale to tell.
Smut for an Easter Sunday Evening is back! 43 HOT XXX images for you.
t's Easter, and in the grand Journal tradition, how about a Easter-themed Flash report from new contributor, The Humble Scribe?
Doc here with a public service announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal. Lately I am getting killed in requests for editing access to my Adult Theater Database. This morning alone I have received three.