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Oral sex is one of the most enjoyable and sensual things sexual partners can indulge in. It provides a complete sensory experience for those involved, immersing them in an erotic cocoon where all of their senses are stimulated.

oral sex can be an expression of tender love, passionate desire or domination and submission. It forms part of most peoples sexual repertoire and is almost universally enjoyed, both as a spectacle and by those taking part. Go on, oral sex, you know you want to. So read on!

Having a rant at a popular internet meme
Dads like other things, like secret Polaroids of hot women like the amazing and naughty Khaleesi. Khaleesi, and her partner in crime, Khal, have (after several rounds of negotiations) released their secret Polaroids to The Good Doctor for publication on The Journal. And it is something completely different from anything I have published to date. And it's all sorts of awesome.
Doc here with a first time Flash Report from new reporter The Organist. The Organist is taking the accelerated course in this thing of ours, and hot The Art Cinema in Hartford both Friday and Saturday evening. And, he will explain his non de plum. Take it away, sir!
The Good Doctor's Mailbag is a forum for you, the good readers of The Journal, to ask me questions about this thing of ours, affairs of the heart, or a solid meatball recipe. It's been a minute since our last edition, but let's jump back on this horse, shall we?
Tonight at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, my good friends The Sexual Athletes put on a floor show that rivaled the June Taylor Dancers, and Mrs. Sexual Athlete was rewarded with all the baby batter she wanted.
Doc here, a man who some say can sing the songs of whales (above water only), with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Anaconda. Anaconda ventured to the Sunshine State of Florida, and just by accident drove to Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa. And my accident, I mean planned for months.
Doc here, a man who some say spent most of his youth hoping to become one day a goomba, with a Flash report from a February Biloxi trip by senior Journal scribe GK Arbee. Take it away GK!
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The O is for Obedience, Oral Sex and also for Orgasms.
The latest from Britt & Terry....Hot report!
Welcome to another edition of The Good Doctor's Mailbag. Here I try to answer your adult theater questions for all to benefit from. Today we have a note from Sam in Fort Lee, NJ (I actually have no idea where this guy is from). His question: