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Oral sex is one of the most enjoyable and sensual things sexual partners can indulge in. It provides a complete sensory experience for those involved, immersing them in an erotic cocoon where all of their senses are stimulated.

oral sex can be an expression of tender love, passionate desire or domination and submission. It forms part of most peoples sexual repertoire and is almost universally enjoyed, both as a spectacle and by those taking part. Go on, oral sex, you know you want to. So read on!

Tied up, gagged and bundled into the back of a car. What happens next?
Face sitting
Erotic poetry
Fleshlight Swallow is the classic blowjob Fleshlight. The Swallow mimics oral sex better than any other Fleshlight. Tight entrance, slightly rough mouth, and very tight throat produce a medium intense sensations.
April wants her Sir's showers, and she gets them, too.
Erotic poem of felllatio
Short erotic poem of fellatio
My thoughts in 69ing for Kink of the Week
Maya has been submitting reports to your old friend in the white suit and aviators since 2011, and she parties hardcore! Sometimes she can be in a seedy adult theater in Biloxi, MS. Next she could be on an ocean liner, seducing the ship's crew. That is Maya in a nutshell... Mysterious, horny, and always looking for more. In this brand new report, she travels to Buenos Aires with her hubby, and ventures to an adult club where she soon becomes the main attraction.
Doc here, a man who some say can fling a fish while executing a Triple Lindy, with a cool Flash report from first time contributor, Rick in Seattle. Rick got a head's up (no pun intended) about a gloryhole session at Secret's in Des Moines, WA on Labor Day, and rolled the dice on a visit.