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Here I talk about some of my favourite toys from the E L James Pleasure Collection, stemming from the Fifty Shades of Grey stories.
These adjustable Japanese or Asian nipple sticks hurt a lot, but not as much as the Japanese clover clamps. However, they make for nice pictures.
I shared one of my Spike fantasies for the #KinkoftheWeek vampire theme!
Repairing rusty clover clamps
Back to black and white is the prompt for June's Sinful Sunday.
Happy Valentineís Day everyone!
Another nude selfportrait involving sushi for SinfulSunday
Sinful Sunday is all about the image. A nipple, a clamp, a combination.
Sushi & Boobs, y'all!
Sushi & sex toys go together like pb&j. Ok not quite. But almost. Just click the link already.