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Those who dareto share these private sexual flash moments were able to free their minds, undressing their fears, assuming and being proud of exploring sex on a different feeling level
I couldn't resist to edit another banana men. It's wild, it's sensual and very... natural.
We have to be able to face and expose our sex acts to free our minds, undressing our fears of assuming sex as a dirty thing and a compulsive sin. Think about it just for a brief moment... and enjoy this blog.
Reacting to a nice touch... What a lucky guy... What a lucky girl... I really would like to receive your comments...
When to bodies know each other... And they desire each other... Their paths inspire less doubts and their love dive, can go much deeper...
Sex without communication is just a set of desconnected mechanical acts... This blog isn't only about sex... Visit it and leave your opinion...
You're invited to visit my and leave your comments there. Keep in touch.
Got to visit my blog: and leave there your comments. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Keep in touch.
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