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In this episode, Silken recognizes that she’s recently gotten a lot of new listeners from iTunes who know very little about her or why she has chosen to write and narrate erotica. So with this podcast, she introduces herself and talks a bit about her
Just when you think you've come across every way to market two people having sex with each other. i had the opportunity to talk with the once and future king of wheel chair porn.
If you’ve been keeping an eye on the newsletter over at Sex Toys Buzz you’ll be aware of the great prizes we’ve been able to land, month after month.
Some people were a little upset by my prank, so in return discounted sex toys from Adam and Eve!
Just don't....
I'm proud to annouce my debut as an adult actress in Vivid Entertainment's "She's Big in Japan"
An interview discussing my writing and my hobbies, as published in "The naughty American"
I was recently sent a pile of R18 DVDs by a new supplier. We’ve watched a couple of them and I’ve reviewed one over at Erotic Buzz
When Queen released the double-A sided single Bicycle Rave/Fat Bottomed Girls in 1978 they were courting controversy. Everyone knows that pop music is about sex but
We’ve had a lot of fun and games with various hosting sites chucking us off because they thought our videos were variously too cheeky