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Vaginas grown in lab help women with undeveloped vaginas have normal sex lives including penetrative sex. Four women had the breakthrough surgery performed.
Taiwanese chain restaurant offers penis pudding, soup served in breasts bowls, blow-up sex dolls for dining companions and more sex toys than you can shake a cock at. Cum see what's on the menu ;-)
Drive-in brothels: If it were legal in your place of residence and sex boxes existed, would you use them? Why or why not?
The erotic Naked Silhouette Alphabet by Anastasia Mastrakouli was created when the artist photographed herself leaning into a wet pane of glass.
Run an adult blog on Blogger, kiss your ad revenue good-bye
Lindsay Mills is not a stripper - but you don't need to put down strippers to humanize her.
Pussy Pride Goes Global with a link on
Spankers can't find a spankee? A robotic butt--robo-butt may be the answer to finding a spanking partner. CNN new story.
Research backs up hazards of extra-marital affairs and penis fractures.
You can get a hefty fine for displaying genitals from a vehicle because genitalia are offensive says one S.C. Sheriff.