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I am hiding my eyes from the world as my grief lies openly in them, while my mouth tells the world that I will be fine and they shouldn't worry about me.
I have been playing around with my camera and like how my legs are sort of centered in this image, and love the pattern on it.
It's Christmas time and this might be one of the most difficult ones I have ever had. I am sharing a simple image with a simple wish to all.
Convergent means 'coming closer together' and I guess this is as close together as my legs can come. I love this overexposed edit.
The effect the shadow has in this image makes me go from liking the image to not liking it, despite being quite proud of my bottom.
The challenge for Sinful Sunday was to shoot from below. Master T had a twist on this, which resulted in this framed image.
She's a beautiful woman, a beautiful soul, and I loved feeling her hands on me.