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Now I like a challenge, something a bit different to keep my sexual senses alive but as I found my hand picking this 60 Plus MILFS from the pile
My mouth joined in taking his delightfully flavoured swollen end into my mouth and stroking it with my tongue. He liked his frenulum to be flicked I learned very quickly – it made him shudder. And when I probed the tip to chase out the freshest drops of clear precum he grabbed my head in his strong hands and held me, not forcing himself into me but obviously taken by my voraciousness for his essences.
He surprised me by kissing my belly and dragging his tongue down to my slit. I inhaled sharply as I felt his tongue enter my folds and circle my clit. His lingual exploring of the delicate folds made me so wet! His face became covered in the very essence of me, I could smell it and wanted to taste it on his lips but didn’t want him to stop working his magic on my cunt.
Janet took the head of his penis into her mouth and sucked on it gently. The feel of it on her tongue filling her mouth was making her heart flutter. She had never let him deep into her mouth, but now she wanted to. He watched his cock disappear between her lips, felt its tip slide across the roof of her mouth, her tongue undulating across the frenulum. It came to rest against her soft palette.