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Are you familiar with "Chi" - the lifeforce energy accessed by martial artists as a part of their craft? Master projects the same energy with his floggers!
Self realization is an arduous process, it begins with asking ourselves simple questions. What do you want? What do I want?
Zelophilia is a term referring to an individual who becomes aroused by jealousy. To my eye, zelophilia and compersion are opposite faces of the same coin.
Yesterday doesn't really matter much anymore, it’s only a bridge to tomorrow.
The letter "X" is for xenophilia, a word filled with fear and anxiety for me. I am both anxious and fearful that xenophilia will touch my life again.
Unctions, potions, ointments, & some natural ingredients like nettles are irritants used in BDSM play creating strong sensations enjoyed by some masochists.
Trust is at the core of how I play. Trust is at the core of how I live too. And, without a doubt, trust is the very bedrock of how I love. "T" is for trust.
"S" is for Samadhi - Michael Samadhi
Penises come in all styles and all are lovely to gaze upon. I am biased, of course! Penis Pride Project affords me the opportunity to brag on my Master.
Serafina Samadhi, meet your hostess, wife, slave, and submissive to Master Michael Samadhi. Serafina's ongoing journey into BDSM.