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Joanna Angel Misfit is her signature pussy Fleshlight. The texture looks very intense but in practice itís very stimulating but not overpowering. The wider canal allows you to savor the texture before plunging into the tighter last half of this Fleshlight sleeve.
Fleshlight Lotus is one of the older Fleshlight textures. Itís still a great realistic sleeve for larger guys but the newer Mini Lotus sleeve caters better to the average Joes.
Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Sukit Draft is a Miniaturized version of the Swallow Fleshlight in a case that looks like a beer can. Like all Fleshlight Sex In A Can products, itís smaller and quite a bit tighter than most Fleshlights. If youíve a smaller penis or prefer a really tight fit, then Sukit Draft can feel great. Otherwise, consider the full-sized Fleshlight Swallow or other Fleshlights.
Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry is an actual Fleshlight with a vampire mouth in a case that looks like a beer can. Succu Dryís Fang texture is very intense and the sleeve is extremely tight. Is Succu Dry more than a novelty? Read on to find out.
Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, or STU, is designed to make you last longer in bed. Is that really the case and is the STU a good Fleshlight? Read on to find out.
Fleshlight Primal texture was originally made for Fleshlight EU but is now available on other markets. The intense but not very tight sleeve is a marvel for well endowed men.
Angela White Indulge is her signature pussy Fleshlight. The hourglass shaped chambers of this Fleshlight sleeve become tighter the deeper you penetrate.
Jenna Haze Obsession is her signature pussy Fleshlight. The very intense Fleshlight sleeve is very highly rated, but for me the texture proved to be too intense. The orgasm is quick and strong but sometimes it is almost painful.
Joanna Angel Punk is her signature anal Fleshlight. The boring looking Fleshlight texture isnít boring at all but quite diverse and intense. The sleeve is quite tight and the texture can feel a tad too coarse for some.
Tera Patrick Tease is her signature Fleshlight. This masturbation sleeve has a ton of variety as it has 6 different textures. The varying textures embrace you as you push through the tight-relaxed-tight chambers.