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My personal experience of Erotic Transference. How it felt to fall for my therapist and how it eventually ended.
Here is to hoping that next month is better than this one was! I had a rough April, but next month, next WEEK, you can expect the blog to be up and running again.
Another update on how life is going for me.
Update on how life is going
Mental illness is often shut behind doors and hidden from society. When it isn't hidden it is romanticized. Take a raw look inside my mind on a bad day. Doesn't seem so 'pretty' now, huh?
December is hard. Don't give up.
A woman living with borderline personality disorder documents her life on video to raise awareness.
My post about communication in D/s relationships. Touches on SSC and RACK but focuses on the vanilla aspects more than kinky ones.
Addressed is the unhealthy and unrealistic scene theme of dominant as the dangerous hunters to be wary of and submissives the hapless prey that need protection from them... Tied in with the realities of the above not being always the case is a personal life example of this being reversed and how then how it relates to those who claim to have no limits when they do.
Day 6 of the 30 days of submission BDSM meme. Concerns the roots of my submission; childhood-influenced, relationship management tool, just a sexual thrill?