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A discussion of what radical acceptance is, how it can affect your relationships and how to practice it. Including personal experiences.
The affects of borderline personality disorder on my sex life. The sexual stages my relationships go through and my reckless sexual behaviors.
A discussion of BDSM and it's effect of mental illness, particularly OCD and depression.
My personal experience of Erotic Transference. How it felt to fall for my therapist and how it eventually ended.
Mental health insights on anxiety and depression.
Here is to hoping that next month is better than this one was! I had a rough April, but next month, next WEEK, you can expect the blog to be up and running again.
Another update on how life is going for me.
Update on how life is going
Mental illness is often shut behind doors and hidden from society. When it isn't hidden it is romanticized. Take a raw look inside my mind on a bad day. Doesn't seem so 'pretty' now, huh?
December is hard. Don't give up.