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What have you done that's naughty? Check out this week's theme, create your own post, and submit your link!
Digging up the past
I've taken over as hostess for the Naughty List! Check out this week's theme, write a post, and link it up!
Check out my submission for this week's Dirty Little Secret Meme!
This week's TMI Tuesday is "Gone Hollywood". Five questions and a bonus question to answer and post on your blog Tuesday, September 27, 2011.
Check out my dirty little secret for this week!
List out your non-sex toy items that you've used to masturbate with and link it up in the Naughty List blog hop!
I'm in the Halloween mood this week! Tell me your naughty plans for Halloween and link it up!
This week's TMI Tuesday theme is NAKED. Answer 10 questions and a bonus. 1. What do you wear to sleep in? 2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked? 3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked? 4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why? 5. When sunbathing how much do you bare? 6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach? 7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public? If not would you if it turned your partner on? ...and more
TMI Tuesday questions and answers. 1. What’s the most annoying song in the world? 2. What’s the saddest song in the world? 3. What’s the sexiest song in the world? 5. Have you met any famous musicians? 6. What song best describes your life? ...and more