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I love fingering myself, but I love it even more when the fingering is done by Master T, or one of the other men in my life.
There is something about a man's erection that is so intriguing, especially if I have felt the cock grow bigger in my mouth.
One of the sexual skills I still want to learn is to deepthroat. I have tried it a couple of times, but up to now have not fully succeeded.
Yesterday I blogged about my breasts. Today I blogged about another favorite part of my body: my clitoris. It brings me so much pleasure!
If there is one part of my body that I am really proud of, it is my breasts. I love how they are formed, how they feel and definitely how they look!
A Sunday morning is always quite lazy and relaxed and sometimes there might even be quite a sexy start to the rest of the day.
People who have been reading this blog for some time, know how much I like anal stimulation. Here I am talking about it a bit more.
I had to buckle up, but that meant when I flashed my nipple in the car, I was definitely doing it in a safe way. Did I distract anyone?
I turned 50 in February and had the most wonderful birthday party, because of some totally unexpected but oh so sexy things that happened!
Thunderstorms are part of nature's fury and something I love to look at, but also to listen to, especially when I am in bed at night.