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I am using my legs as scissors, sort of, but just learned that scissoring is actually a sexual act I have engaged in before!
The sex blogging community is standing together and sharing posts of others through #SoSS, making sure we are heard even though others want to silence us.
I have started waxing my pubic hair back in August and I think I am hooked. I love the feeling a lot more than when I am shaving.
Sometimes it's all about a quick release, an orgasm to feed a need. That's when I reach for my Womanizer Pro, but also something else.
There is just something about the colors black and red that make them belong together. They definitely are my two favorite colors!
For five years I have hosted a Dutch writing group and also written stories for it. Those stories will now be reposted on this site.
I stopped sharing the real life stories of Master Douglas and I have good reason to do so. Master Douglas agreed with my decision.
An appropriate quote: You believe happiness to be derived from the place in which once you have been happy, but in truth it is centered in ourselves.
When I see our wax play candles, I long for the feeling of intense warmth against my body, of the wax taking me to a place of happiness.
"Will you deny yourself the pleasure of a man's touch forever?" is the phrase from Sylvia Day's Seven Years of Sin that sparked this story.