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I have a new desk since just before Christmas and it has become part of my daily routine. I sit at it every day, sometimes for an hour, sometimes more.
I am quite the gadget freak, but it seems non-electronic gadgets always win it from the electronic ones, such as my lovely Passion Planner!
There was a New Year's ball Sophie felt compelled to attend and it turned out to be a different party than the one she had in mind.
First she had to endure the first cold day of winter, being naked outside, then she was in a warm bath and had other things to endure.
Every night she watched the sunset with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands, trying desperately to forget how sad she was.
The sex blogging community is standing together and sharing posts of others through #SoSS, making sure we are heard even though others want to silence us.
She was heading for a boring Christmas and wanted something to remind her of better times, so she asked for a Christmas spanking.
I am not really a closet girl, as I don't mind people knowing about my sexual activities and preferences. But, here I am in the closet.
The spitter spatter of spitting on someone's body is something I don't have as a kink, as it totally freaks me out to be spit on.
Sitting on the terrace of a restaurant, enjoying the summer sun while drinking a glass of wine, Kira got a note from the waiter.