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The sex blogging community is standing together and sharing posts of others through #SoSS, making sure we are heard even though others want to silence us.
Sometimes we have an itch that needs scratching, and sometimes it's even better if we are the ones doing the scratching ourselves.
Jennifer created a dating profile and Amber made an appointment to meet Nathan, but Jennifer turned out to be Amber. A love triangle?
I am hiding my eyes from the world as my grief lies openly in them, while my mouth tells the world that I will be fine and they shouldn't worry about me.
Hearing a specific number can bring back memories of other times, of things you have done, of people who are special to you.
Laura and Mitch had it all planned out, what would happen after the Christmas dinner, but it turned out worse than either could have imagined.
I have been playing around with my camera and like how my legs are sort of centered in this image, and love the pattern on it.
I wondered whether anal sex really is a kink for me or just something I do, but writing this, I realized it might just be a kink!
I started writing this post to see the length of the ex trial behind me, and I think it's not as bad as I thought it was.
He finds reading sex blogs excite him and when there are images to look at, it's even better. One morning, a specific image gives him an erection.