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Find out what my partner & I thought of the Hot Octopuss Pulse in my latest review
Pipedream have done it again, created a masturbator that actually stopped me saying ďOh no, not another palm pussy style masturbatorĒ. Because letís face it
What first struck me about the Misty Stone Fleshlight was that the modelling of this masturbator is exquisite, not a word that Iíd normally use when describing a piece
This week's features the Fleshlight Succu Dry with an old Buffy magazine. Tis the season for creepy toys & strange nudes!
Before I start talking specifics, can we take a moment to appreciate that the Fleshlight Succu Dry exists? You can fuck a vampire mouth with fangs. Let that sink in.
For those of you not familiar with masturbators hereís what you need to know about the terms Iím about to use
Jessica Drake Fleshligh Lotus Vagina Jessica Drake Fleshligh Lotus Vagina Iíve reviewed other Fleshlight Girlís before, if you arenít aware these male masturbators are modelled after the vaginas of famous porn stars,
The ultimate guide to vampire themed sex toys!
The Zolo Backdoor is a male masturbator that comes complete with lubricant and ready for an immediate, single use. If youíre familiar with masturbators
This sex toy for men falls into the very small category of penile head stimulators. Or at least the small number of sex toys specifically designed