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We’ve all done it and we know that you all like to read about it. Why? Because you naughty people are always searching for posts about masturbation on this site. It doesn’nt matter what you call it, wanking, rubbing one out, jerking off, flicking your bean … We’ve noticed how much you love to read accounts of other people masturbating and help on new techniques to make masturbation even more fun.

So whether you’re interested in posts about using your hand or toys you’ll find them all here in our masturbation section.

It turned out that there aren't any great simple erotic video games. But if you're looking for a bit of exciting distraction, Lesson of Passion is worth checking out.
They thought she wanted to be controlled but in reality, he'd rather be her good boy instead.
Kayden Kross Bookworm Fleshlight was my first Fleshlight masturbator. Read on for an in-depth review on buying, using, and enjoying a Fleshlight.
Which lubes are best for different uses? Should you choose water, silicone, or oil based lubricant? Discover the best lubes for sex, anal, and masturbation.
What are the best sex toys for men? Find out the favorite male sex toys for masturbation or to use with a partner.
I've spent some time getting more familiar with the top virtual reality porn video sites; Virtual Real Porn, BadoinkVR, and Naughty America. All the VR porn video sites are quite new but add content frequently and keep improving their technology. Let's take a look at what they offer and what's the value for the money.
Did you know that, in the beginning of the time, Fleshlight also had a line of sex dolls? As a reviewer and Fleshlight enthusiast, I found the progression of my favorite sex toy very interesting.
I had several orgasms at the hand of Master T, but then decided to play on my own too. Something happened, but did I orgasm?
Cleaning Fleshlight is simple. Just use plenty of warm water. Still, sometimes this may not be enough. Learn how wash, dry, and take care your Fleshlight.
Flash fiction.... and she can't stop thinking about him