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We’ve all done it and we know that you all like to read about it. Why? Because you naughty people are always searching for posts about masturbation on this site. It doesn’nt matter what you call it, wanking, rubbing one out, jerking off, flicking your bean … We’ve noticed how much you love to read accounts of other people masturbating and help on new techniques to make masturbation even more fun.

So whether you’re interested in posts about using your hand or toys you’ll find them all here in our masturbation section.

Angela White Indulge is her signature pussy Fleshlight. The hourglass shaped chambers of this Fleshlight sleeve become tighter the deeper you penetrate.
She had a fantasy to be a prostitute, if only for a day, but she never thought it would become reality or that her husband would arrange this!
Jenna Haze Obsession is her signature pussy Fleshlight. The very intense Fleshlight sleeve is very highly rated, but for me the texture proved to be too intense. The orgasm is quick and strong but sometimes it is almost painful.
Tera Patrick Tease is her signature Fleshlight. This masturbation sleeve has a ton of variety as it has 6 different textures. The varying textures embrace you as you push through the tight-relaxed-tight chambers.
The BThrilled Classic Wand BSwish is an amazing new toy that I recommend everyone who enjoys wands to try out! It's light weight and gives deliciously rumbly vibrations.
A review of the Kink Line by Doc Johnson. From excited to disappointed. 2 out of 3 of these products did not meet my standards!
Vaginal fisting is an amazing fetish to explore. Don't worry, your vagina goes back to normal afterward. Just use lots of lube and these tips.
Lisa Ann Barracuda is her signature Fleshlight with an entrance that is molded from her vulva. Its long finger-like bumps produce a gripping massage sensation as you slide in and out.
Teagan Presley Bulletproof is a mild butt Fleshlight. It’s made of smooth, fleshy pillows that look mild but the orgasms sneaks up on you surprisingly fast.
Fleshlight Freaks Alien is the alien pussy Fleshlight. Its bright blue color, double-clitors orifice and unique texture set it apart from other Fleshlights.