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Jakko had been working late but just as he wanted to leave the office, he notices that Emma was still working hard too. But, was she?
Jennifer created a dating profile and Amber made an appointment to meet Nathan, but Jennifer turned out to be Amber. A love triangle?
A Daddy Dom date that starts with rough titty in the car ride home, and a ends with hair pulling and a long blow job. Eventually, she's begging Daddy for his cock.
Laura and Mitch had it all planned out, what would happen after the Christmas dinner, but it turned out worse than either could have imagined.
After disobeying her master, Natalie is finally getting her punishment.
He finds reading sex blogs excite him and when there are images to look at, it's even better. One morning, a specific image gives him an erection.
There was a New Year's ball Sophie felt compelled to attend and it turned out to be a different party than the one she had in mind.
Every night she watched the sunset with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands, trying desperately to forget how sad she was.
She was heading for a boring Christmas and wanted something to remind her of better times, so she asked for a Christmas spanking.
Sitting on the terrace of a restaurant, enjoying the summer sun while drinking a glass of wine, Kira got a note from the waiter.