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They agreed on ten minutes, but during those ten minutes what they had agreed upon was not what happened. Valery didn't mind.
A delicious scampi salad turned into a less delicious scampi soup. What started with disgust, ended in lust... and a caning.
Master T wanted to know if I still knew how to suck his cock, so I went down on him and showed him I am still as good as I was before.
Julia finds a way to cool off and heat up on lazy, hot afternoon. She uses an impromptu sex toy to make the sweltering weather bearable.
A brief story about the animalistic pleasure of being taken from behind.
A mischievous girl asks her friend for a spanking and ends up being so excited by the pain that she had to masturbate more than once.
Dr. Hyde accidentally discovers a compound that turns her into a horny slut. She uses whatever is on hand to satisfy her lust.
She grabbed me in the sauna, totally unexpected and I had one of the best experiences of my life, even though we were almost caught!
Evy had this fantasy of being 'manhandled' by two mistresses and Gavin made it happen. It was hard and painful for Evy, enjoyable for Gavin.
Jakko had been working late but just as he wanted to leave the office, he notices that Emma was still working hard too. But, was she?