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We’ve all done it and we know that you all like to read about it. Why? Because you naughty people are always searching for posts about masturbation on this site. It doesn’nt matter what you call it, wanking, rubbing one out, jerking off, flicking your bean … We’ve noticed how much you love to read accounts of other people masturbating and help on new techniques to make masturbation even more fun.

So whether you’re interested in posts about using your hand or toys you’ll find them all here in our masturbation section.

Masturbating is the kink of the week topic, and for me, masturbating is not always about private moments. Sometimes I do it while being watched.
Hi everyone! This story came to me, almost fully formed, in a dream a few years ago. Well, I say dream; I should rightly say: nightmare. If, like me, you’re easily scared by things that go bump in the night, maybe treat this one with caution. Otherwise, enjoy.
Hi everyone! Request time. This one was a lot of fun to write, and a bit different; I hope you like it. Let me know—I always love to hear from you. Anyway, I'll be back to my normal style next time!
Come into my dreams, just for a little while...
Masturbation, sexy smart sluts, jelly beans, and Louis C.K.
Hi everyone. I've been busy working on a couple of big projects—you've seen one already—so I'm sorry that things have been a bit quiet here. To compensate, I've tried to concentrate as much of myself as possible into this story. Dilute to taste, perhaps with a bath and some candles...
I’ve struggled with my dark side, all my life. Partly this blog is for me to explore myself, without judgement, light and dark. Who am I really? What is light, and what is dark? In the end, we all make our own choices. But I have only so much time for big thoughts like that. In the meantime, it gave me an idea for a story. Oh, and in case things have been a bit too gentle for you recently, I've cranked up the heat on this one. Just sayin
Sexy Times: sexting, stripping, wet dreams...oh my! Cum read all about it ;-)
Imaginary lovers are always there, they do whatever you need. An ode to my imaginary lover and the sexy things we do.
llust is a present-day erotic fantasy based on the US West Coast. An airline stewardess who thought herself plain finds herself drawn by a mysterious stranger into a subculture of free sapphic love where pleasure is given and received in ways and to degrees she never thought possible. But as her own limits recede, she must begin to question whether her very sense of self was ever valid.