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Whiplr effectively targets BDSM novices and kink newbies with promises of a safe community, education, and mentorship. Unfortunately, effectiveness does not mean ethics.
I recently discovered I like the look of vintage underthings. Now I know I like sexy vintage cars, sexy vintage fashion and a few other sexy things. What does vintage mean anyway, has it become marketing-speak?
What goes well with SM play? Wine of course! Not just any wine but a wine called 'Sexual Chocolate'. Check out this fun S&M video to promote wine.
Marketing could be the most cynical profession on the planet. I know there will be those of you who would contend that lawyers, estate agents and a few other professions are in with a shot at this particular title, but Id have to disagree. While lawyers
sex sells and seduces a man into hallucinations
Do you like the show Mad Men? Make yourself a character on the show. Sexy lingerie-wearing Marketing exec shows the boys how to be obedient.