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Sinful Sunday
When does a woman realize she's a domme?
A daydream about dominating a man who visits my office.
A beautiful submissive boy sent a photo inspired by one of my posts. It's so sweet and incredibly hot.
There is nothing more beautiful than a man unburdened, relieved of his strength, rendered helpless, bent and bound according to my wishes.
What is a submissive man? In ignorance of BDSM, dominance, and submission, I believed the myth that submission equals weakness. When my boyfriend told me he is submissive, I almost ended our relationship.
Pics and video of RumpusParable decorating her husband/slave Chael for the holidays using Christmas decorations, surgical staples, hypodermic needles, and a scalpel. Warning: medical, sharps, and blood play images!
So, I kinda struggled with whether or not I should share this. Last night I had a guy over, and it was easily the worst sexual experience ever. Despite the fact that I finally came out to myself as lesbian, something I have struggled with for over 23 years...
The real life account of our first threesome with another man.