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Is submission a gift? And why do male dominants value female submissives more than femdommes value malesubs?
My earliest kinky fantasy about naked boys on a conveyor belt. Maybe I've always been a domme?
A submissive answers your questions about finding himself on the internet... kinda.
An experienced submissive answers your questions and gives advice to new dominant women.
My submissive boy as a life-sized male blow-up doll.
Objectification of a submissive male by his dominant's inspection and examination.
I've always known how my relationship with my submissive boyfriend would end, and now I know when.
Sometimes it's the Domme's fault for not getting what she wanted, especially when she pushed it away for so long. For the record, being aggressive doesn't mean a struggle.
There is nothing more beautiful than a man unburdened, relieved of his strength, rendered helpless, bent and bound according to my wishes.
"So, a while back I partnered up with Amy of Lipstick and Ligature for a project in celebration of her blogiversary, where we asked female doms and male subs to list the top ten traits they look for in a partner..."