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A submissive boy is kept isolated and sense deprived to soften him up for the humiliating, harsh, and painful training to come. This is a sample chapter of a novella-in-progress.
"The sweetest smile hides such cruel intentions." Each morning, a submissive boy endures an intimate ritual of pain, lust, and humiliation. A ritual which serves to both mark and remind the submissive he's collared and owned by his Domme.
Throughout most of my active sexual life, I have considered myself as straight. I love having sex with women. Ok so its often deeply perverted, kinky, wet, messy sex, but its with women. I have never had any interest in being alone with and having any form of intimacy with a guy... ...However I have noticed over the past couple of years, a very subtle shift in these desires...
I have met pretty much all of my submissives online, so before we meet, the most I can see of them beyond our private interaction is how they communicate with others on social media, and wow, is it telling.
Oh baby, she whispered again, her breath hot against his ear, all the desperate need for him floating in the air, all the things she never said, all the sweetness, the adoration, the love."
"My D/s relationships are monogamous, romantic, love-based partnerships. When they end, we are both a mess, and at its best, we both try and be gracious and kind as we move on."
"She wanted to slap him. He was so beautiful she wanted to slap him, watch the shock and the recoil and the fear of it."
Hot femdom book, a poll: Would you be more likely to buy if it was smaller and cheaper?
The Domme voice
HNT Legs (in fishnets).