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Sex toys for men are a constant source of wonder for us here at Once few and far between
“Glenn Hill has over 25 years of experience in the adult toys industry. He is the owner of the popular Melbourne, Australia based boutique adult store
I have a sneaky suspicion this masturbator review is going to be fun. I mean I don’t like entering into this sort of thing with any preconceptions
Tenga produce a range of disposable and reusable male masturbators that have a distinctly Japanese feel to them. By this I mean that they are the sort
Having something sucking on your scrotum is something that most men enjoy, however it’s usually their partner and not a sex toy. I’ve never encountered
Masturbating to porn is one thing that most men have done and masturbating to a video of your favourite porn star is a pretty common pastime. However since the
The All In Masturbator is a sex toy for men made from a transparent plastic (X5) that give you or anyone watching a perfect view of your
The Shots “Endless Cock Ring” which was sent to me for review is a silicone penis ring that promises a lot as it comes complete with a 10 speed vibrating
The Travel Gripper Masturbator is brought to us by California Exotics – it’s a double-ended masturbator that is obviously aimed at men on
A “Tight and soft travel sized tunnel of love” is how the packaging describes this diminutive male masturbator from Toy Joy. Indeed this particular male palm pussy masturbator sits in your hand easily