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You would think that perfection cannot be improved upon but Lelo are endeavouring to do this by releasing mark 2 versions of their famous
I first laid eyes on this vibrator about 6 months ago, filing it in memory to test at some point. Due to a heavy schedule
Itís a while since I had my hands on a Lelo Elise. So long ago that I had to do a quick search through my stockpile of reviews. No wonder I couldnít recall when
The We-Vibe 4 has been designed with couples in mind but can be used solo too. The female slips the smaller of the two ends inside her whilst
Itís a natural reaction when hearing that quality pleasure brand Lelo have released a new product to get more than a little excited. This company have
As Luxury pleasure products creators Lelo enter their 10th year of bringing contended smiles to faces we see a new concept of sex toy enter the market. One which can be controlled
The packaging of the Vanity Vr8 certainly isnít worthy of note although it is functional and totally recyclable for all of us out there with a green conscience. The Vanity Vr8 arrived
An artistic image of the Lelo Ina for Toy Tuesday.
My review of the Lelo Mia.
An image of the Lelo Mia vibrator that I took in Barcelona for Toy Tuesday.