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My Contributions to this weeks Saturday Spankings Blog - An excerpt from The Dominant and The submissive (An Passionate and Ongoing Love Story)
I was asked to participate and nominated for this award by the wonderfully talented spanking romance author, Katherine Deane. This is My Post with a wealth of information about this Blog and Author
Remembering a Dominant and submissive life-style partner in the visualization of the color red
A Dominant visualizes his deceased submissive in all the avenues of life
The decadent and yearned for dreams of Life-Styled Soul-Mates eternally embraced
My contribution for Picture It and Write -The Prince and I -a Cinderella story
A prose written with others on the same picture and shared. This weeks is on the after-life and missing your lover and Soul-Mate
A recollection and tribute to the Dominance and submission in marriage that continues eternally
A Happy Holiday message and update From: Joseph McNamara and Gemini
My Contribution to Picture It and Write for this week