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Barbie Girl, the ultimate hit of the 90s has been given a makeover by British Muslim drag queen and LGBT activist Asifa Lahore
Miss Rumpus reassures the world she still exists and shares thoughts on the hetero-normative expectations of FLRs.
Fair warning that this is going to be a rant bitch fest post. I have already sort of been ranting about this on twitter but not specifically said what it was that I have been frustrated about lately. First I wish to give a disclaimer for this post. This post is in no way meant to offend anyone of any gender or sexual preference choice it is simply my frustration with seeking a partner in the lifestyle. In no way do I judge others for there race, gender, sexual preference, and so forth. And now that we have that straight here is my problem…
George Takei has a public service announcement for gay people.
We could make it special, you know? We could repurpose it and remediate it. We could take the crappy Hallmark holiday known for dead flowers, cheap chocolates, and chain store lingerie and turn it into something worth celebrating.