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Here it is all the posts we have on latex. It’s such practical and sensual material we can understand why so many of you like it and why so many of you have a true latex fetish.

Latex is one of those fetishes that defines a section of the kinky community out there and in recent years has bled into the mainstream as designers of first couture and then high street fashion cotton on to the truly original creativity that this like so many other fetishes generates. To begin with of course they’ll never acknowledge the link between the wet-look, the latex and the PVC they incorporate into their designs but when stars like Rihanna start featuring the kinky attire in their videos it become part of popular culture and lets those closet latex fetishists express themselves!

So here are the posts from our naught bloggers tagged with Latex, indulge your fantasies and enjoy.

The next conscious thought I had was to wonder why Viv was sucking my cock, she didn’t like the taste of my cum and would rarely give me a blowjob let alone cum in her mouth. I lay back and enjoyed this new Viv lapping the cocktail of our juices from my cock. The mouth on my cock started to swallow my shrinking appendage, then next to my ear I heard Viv’s voice “You didn’t think I could get into this suit on my own did you?
A little bit of information about the latex fetish.
Bowling has to be put aside in certain situations, being stuck in rubber gear while being punished is one of them.