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When I speak about my pussy I include everything in that one term: the labia, the clitoris and also the vagina, the opening where I love to be fucked.
My thoughts and feelings on women's bits!
I accidentally pulled the ball closure off my clitoral piercing and then lost the ring too. This means I will have to be re-pierced.
V is for vagina and more specifically my own vagina, my pussy.
A guest post for the Pussy Pride Project
That's a lot of bush, but do you notice anything missing?
On Sinful Sunday it's all about the image. I am showing wax and clamps and piercings and pussy.
Removing hair from inside your labia can be a tricky business.
Playing around with my newly learned photoshop skills and creating images for Sinful Sunday.
One orgasm, towards the end of the orgasm race, has left me very satisfied and very happy.