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Nipples are wonderful things arenít they, I mean to have them is great because they can be so much fun. And of course your partner having them is rather handy because they are an obvious and prominent erogenous zone. Letís face it us guys need
I just read that men usually tend to check out a womanís breasts before anything else. It made me reflect and I realised that I check out men and women slightly differently.
Having a boob job is now almost an everyday procedure. Women compare boob size in the showers after gym, maybe clandestinely maybe overtly
I also like tanned boobs as demonstrated over there. But I have a complete aversion to tan lines. I know there is probably a fetish
I just read that an L cup sized bra has now gone of sale because womenís boobs are getting larger. Iím guessing that this bra would make adequate hats for twins. Lol
You may already have noticed that Iíve got a bit of a thing going on for large breasts lately. Iíve posted up some gorgeous images that Iíve found
Ivíe got a bit of a thing about boobs at the moment, the larger the better. This afternoon whilst I was chilling out I did a Google image
I was at work today and found myself, fingers poised above the keyboard, staring through the monitor. Iíd drifted off and was imagining myself elsewhere. Luckily my daydreaming
I returned to work this morning full of the joys of SummerÖnot! Why is the weekend so quickly over, it seems that you are just starting to relax
I decided to take a bike in the group I donít normally use this morning. This gives me a perfect side on view of the treadmills.