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How Chloë gets what she wants
A good slut knows her place.
"The sweetest smile hides such cruel intentions." Each morning, a submissive boy endures an intimate ritual of pain, lust, and humiliation. A ritual which serves to both mark and remind the submissive he's collared and owned by his Domme.
Even though my knees and ankles hurt when I am on my knees, I love to kneel. It brings out the submissive in me and makes me feel save.
Thoughts on kneeling... all of them are filthy
For the A-Z Blogging Challenge of 2016 I am talking about several things. The K is for Kink, Kidnapping, Kneeling and also for Knife Play.
“Stand up,” I instructed, which she did with some difficulty in her 5 inch hooker heels.