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The word of the week is: funishment.
Question 57: What is "slave speak"? Do I have to make my slave use it?
The word of the week is: outing.
A girl pays for misconduct at work with a spanking.
my first experience of medical staplers
My predicament was overwhelmed with pleasurable vibrations to beyond sensitive or have searing nipple pain from the clamps being tugged.
A reader asks: Can someone explain exactly what race play is? How does it work? Say you’re a White Man (Master) and a Hispanic Woman (Slave) or a Black African-American Woman(Dom) and a White Man (Slave).
The word of the week is: Munch.
A man named Marcus Johnson, who prides himself on being the real life Christian Grey (minus all that abusive crap), hires a few Australian escorts. Melissa tells us what happened.
A downloadable Excel file that generates the kink-o-gams used in "Matched Pair"