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My predicament was overwhelmed with pleasurable vibrations to beyond sensitive or have searing nipple pain from the clamps being tugged.
A reader asks: Can someone explain exactly what race play is? How does it work? Say you’re a White Man (Master) and a Hispanic Woman (Slave) or a Black African-American Woman(Dom) and a White Man (Slave).
The word of the week is: Munch.
A man named Marcus Johnson, who prides himself on being the real life Christian Grey (minus all that abusive crap), hires a few Australian escorts. Melissa tells us what happened.
A downloadable Excel file that generates the kink-o-gams used in "Matched Pair"
The topic for the Kink of the Week meme is semen. I am sharing my thoughts on sucking, swallowing and smearing.
My drive and hunger is to recognize the nervousness in your soul, yet feel the yielding of your spirit. The ‘You’ that is presented to the majority of the world will not hold my attention. I need to smell the weariness of battle on your flesh. I need to see the gnawing need of your soul to be discovered and unearthed.
a list of my kinks
What parts of BDSM interest me, define kinky self
The first episode of a new podcast, Loving BDSM, hosted by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone. This episode features Kayla reminding people there are few limitations to kink.