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Sixty-nine is when two people adopt a position so that each persons mouth is near the other persons genitals and oral sex is performed simultaneously.
Red mostly means stop, but when saying red during a session it doesn't necessarily means that everything cannot continue again.
The last sentence gave him pause. Her words…“so ruined” rumbled through his chest. What if he was… ruined? What if he never found with anyone else what drew him so deeply to her?
A story for sneezing fetish fans
There's something about a chastity device and Master T not allowing any access to his property without his explicit permission that intrigues me.
A sinful sunday post about vampires
I shared one of my Spike fantasies for the #KinkoftheWeek vampire theme!
need kink in my life
Bukkake is the topic for Kink of the Week and where at first I wasn't going to participate, I actually had something to say about it.
A review of a great bargain price flogger from Bondage Bunnies