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A sinful sunday post about vampires
I shared one of my Spike fantasies for the #KinkoftheWeek vampire theme!
need kink in my life
Bukkake is the topic for Kink of the Week and where at first I wasn't going to participate, I actually had something to say about it.
A review of a great bargain price flogger from Bondage Bunnies
Thoughts about hair for Kink of the Week
I have quite a history of long and short hair, but for the last 15 years or so my hair has mostly been long. And it comes in handy with kinky situations.
Thoughts on tasks and tasking and why I suck at it
Even though my knees and ankles hurt when I am on my knees, I love to kneel. It brings out the submissive in me and makes me feel save.
Thoughts on kneeling... all of them are filthy